Thursday, June 9, 2016

Review of Fast and furious

Fast and furious is an action movie which has many parts. There is a gang of some friends who were engaged in different types of crimes and they also participated in races in order to earn a lot of money. They had a garage in which they made cars and include special features in them.

This gang stole some cars and also acted against the criminals of the areas and helped the police department in order to capture the criminals. Different types of cars are used in this movie and all the parts are filled with action and adventure. This gang of friends is working together in all the parts and supporting each other through tough times.

Review of Night at the museum

Night at the museum is a comedy and adventure movie in which the historic items inside a museum come to life at night. A new person was appointed as guard at the museum at the night time. At midnight different things inside the museum came to life and started to act in the modern world. There were different types of things inside the museum which were related with past and now these were alive and acting as real.

The guard was confused and tried to control the situation. There are animals from ancient times and skulls of animals were also come to life. People from historic times who had achieved great things were also alive in the movie.

Review of Everest

Everest is a good movie which is based on a true story. In that story a team of mountaineers started to climb Mount Everest. That team was lead by experienced professionals who had many facilities to make sure that the passengers could remain safe in the travel. They had many camps for staying during travel to the mountain. Many people managed to reach at the mountain with the team however the weather became bad which made it hard to return to the base of the mountain.

Some passenger died during returning to the base while some managed to reach at the base safely. Some experienced professionals also died in that journey due to bad weather. A chopper was also sent to take a sick passenger down safely. An old passenger took an experienced professional with him to reach at the top and died while returning.

Review of Home alone

Home alone is a comedy movie in which a kid was left alone in the home. That kid was sleeping while his family went to spend the holidays. They forgot to take the kid with them as they were already late for the flight. That kid woke up late in the morning and found that his family was not present. He thought that his family was disappeared so he became very happy in the start.

He tried many things of his elders in the home and enjoyed a lot. Two robbers came to that area and found that there was only one kid in a large house. They thought that it would be easy to steal from a large house in which only a small kid is present. However that kid was brave and intelligent due to which he made a plan to defend his home from the robbers. In the end the robbers were caught by the police and the family of the kid returned to spend the holidays with that kid.

Review of Matrix

Matrix is a good movie which has many parts. The story starts with a simple person who had many abilities. He got a message from an agent so that he could join their team and fight with their enemies. He was taken by them and trained. During his training he learnt many new things and also about his abilities.

He became trained in a short time period and fought with the enemies. The enemies were also agents and those were also very strong. There are many amazing fights in this movie and different parts of this movie are taking the viewers to new areas and new worlds of imagination.

Review of Mouse hunt

Mouse hunt is a good movie in which there were two brothers. Their father died and left a factory for them and an old house. That factory was in the business of making thread. The old house was far from the city and it was in an open place. However the house was big and expensive. Those brothers were not so rich so they decided to sell the house. There was a mouse in that house and that mouse was living in that house from a long time.

That mouse was wise and it was not willing to let the house to be sold or broken in any manner. Those brothers tried to eliminate the mouse but failed. In the end the mouse became the manager of the factory of those two brothers and they started to make threads of cheese which was a successful business.

Review of Shanghai noon

Shanghai noon is an action movie in which the Chinese people were required to send gold to a robber who had kidnapped the queen. That gold was taken through a train but some robber attacked on the train and fight started among the robbers and guards in the train. The robbers were also not good and lack union so they left their old leader and ran away with a new leader. They also shot a person and killed him in the train.

Main character in the movie was a Chinese guard who became friend of the old leader of robbers. That Chinese was brave and he also saved a girl from an enemy tribe. Due to the brevity and courage of the Chinese guard he was married to a girl in that tribe and he had to take her with him in his journey. He was looking for the killer of his uncle in the train. There was a big fight at the end of the movie in which the Chinese won and the enemies were eliminated.

Review of Shanghai knights

Shanghai knights is an action movie in which the diamond was guarded by a Chinese guard. British guard killed that Chinese guard and stole the diamond. Son of that deceased guard was living in another city and he got news about the death of his father. He came back and got more details and understood about the murder plan of his father.

Diamond was known as a sign of kingdom in china therefore the British guard stole it so that he could give it to another Chinese person in return of murder of British queen and other officials so that the British guard could become the ruler of British. That Chinese had a sister and a friend who worked together in order to eliminate the corrupt Chinese and British guard and lead to the safety of the British queen and the diamond.

Review of Jurassic world

Jurassic world is a good movie which is based on a park in which dinosaurs were kept. Scientists have made a new experiment and made a large dinosaur. That new dinosaur was made by using species of different animals. That made the dinosaur more dangerous and hard to control. That dinosaur was kept inside a large and strong cage. People from all over the world came to see the new and big dinosaur.

That dinosaur escaped from the cage and killed many people. Many other animals and dinosaurs were also killed by that new dinosaur. Manager of that park was a lady and her relative kids came to see the park and they were very excited. Escape of large dinosaur caused a lot of trouble for these kids and all other people at the park. In the end the dinosaur was destroyed and people were sent to their homes.

Review of Home alone 3

Home alone 3 is a comedy movie in which a child is staying at home as he was sick. His parents went to office in routine and his brother and sister went for their school. He was looking through his telescope when he saw a thief. That thief was one member of a gang. That gang was looking for a chip which was in a remote controlled car.

That car was exchanged with another passenger. That passenger was an old lady and she was living in the colony of that sick child. Gang of thieves came to that area in search of that old lady and they found her. In the end the kid made a plan and captured all the thieves and also he was rewarded for his efforts and courage. The kid was not trusted in the start however he continued to struggle and in the end captured all the thieves.