Thursday, June 9, 2016

Review of Home alone

Home alone is a comedy movie in which a kid was left alone in the home. That kid was sleeping while his family went to spend the holidays. They forgot to take the kid with them as they were already late for the flight. That kid woke up late in the morning and found that his family was not present. He thought that his family was disappeared so he became very happy in the start.

He tried many things of his elders in the home and enjoyed a lot. Two robbers came to that area and found that there was only one kid in a large house. They thought that it would be easy to steal from a large house in which only a small kid is present. However that kid was brave and intelligent due to which he made a plan to defend his home from the robbers. In the end the robbers were caught by the police and the family of the kid returned to spend the holidays with that kid.