Thursday, June 9, 2016

Review of Shanghai noon

Shanghai noon is an action movie in which the Chinese people were required to send gold to a robber who had kidnapped the queen. That gold was taken through a train but some robber attacked on the train and fight started among the robbers and guards in the train. The robbers were also not good and lack union so they left their old leader and ran away with a new leader. They also shot a person and killed him in the train.

Main character in the movie was a Chinese guard who became friend of the old leader of robbers. That Chinese was brave and he also saved a girl from an enemy tribe. Due to the brevity and courage of the Chinese guard he was married to a girl in that tribe and he had to take her with him in his journey. He was looking for the killer of his uncle in the train. There was a big fight at the end of the movie in which the Chinese won and the enemies were eliminated.